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Looking for an awesome present?

Sit back, relax; we’ve got it covered… Devon’s flight simulator experience has something two people can share. Birthdays, bucket lists and anniversaries etc. Here’s a father and son duo enjoying Exeter’s 737 Airline Pilot flight experience is available online or, as a gift voucher to purchase click here…

Discover the Aviator in you at Devon’s flight simulator in Exeter. We don’t claim to be the biggest flight simulator company in the UK, but we promise you’ll have the most fun.

Jetsim has a full scale replica cockpit of the 737NG with 220 degree projection - offering you a fully immersive experience of what it’s like to be at the controls of an 80 tonne airliner. This experience is suitable for 1 to 4 people, as two people can fly the simulator together with Instructor helping from the jump seat. We can also help with fear of flying Exeter and would be delighted to see that conquered.

There’s no previous flying experience required - I will give a full briefing to help you with everything from the effects of controls to the automation.  You can fly airline routes in real time, practice take offs, landings, or even take a virtual visit flying around Devon or visit Mount Everest at 29,029ft. Land at sunset in Ibiza, or the more advanced pilot in you, test tricky approach procedures at places such as Innsbruck and Kai Tak or handle Heathrow.  Book your flight online.

Airline pilot experience

You’ll discover about the world of operating this aircraft as an Airline Pilot. You’ll get to fly the aircraft simulator from take off to landing. The flight experiences are designed for you to be the Pilot - with a little help from your Instructor.  The sessions start with a pre-flight briefing, an introduction to the how you fly a plane and basic aircraft systems, but if you'd like to know more - just ask.

 Practice take-offs, landings, pop in to Paphos, try an instrument approach at Innsbruck, or take a look at Mount Everest from 29,029ft.

gift vouchers

It can be a challenge to find that original present, and awesome gift.  JetsimCentre vouchers also make an ideal present for the aviation enthusiast in your life. 

We have a few options available depending on your budget with our flight simulator experience Exeter.

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Fear of flying

With summer holiday booking season here, if you, or someone you know are worried about flying it can be debilitating.

Often people would love to book a holiday and can’t because of this fear.  It stops others from enjoying their holiday to the full.  These feelings are very real, but with a little understanding about what’s going on during the flight, these fears and feelings can be reduced and in most cases relieved all together. Click to book here.

We offer a bespoke Fear of Flying package that may just help

What to expect on the day of your flight...

  • Flight simulator in Devon - Exeter.

  • A friendly, warm welcome accompanied by an introduction to the simulator and the world of an Airline Pilot.

  • Ideal for 1 to 4 people and two people can fly the sim together.

  • Gift vouchers available - please click here

  • If you're a professional pilot interested in procedural practice - please click here

  • Family and friends welcome - we have a small charge to help with our running costs. There is an aeroplane cabin area with seats, so they see what's happening or be part of your flight by upgrading the ticket - please click here.

  • This is your flight session, so we'll tailor it to your requirements, for example some people like to be given technical information about the Boeing 737, others just want the experience of hands on flying. You can spend your time practicing landings or run the session as a complete gate to gate flight.

  • Flights either a 60, 90 or 120 and 240 minutes - long haul in real time also available.

  • Choose the airport(s) you fly from, anywhere in Europe and the world!

  • Free Parking

  • Select you're own weather to fly in from sunsets to thunderstorms and snow.

  • We also have fear of flying courses in Devon - Exeter.

  • Please click to book your flight here.

Crew room

My name is Matt Briggs, and I’ve built and established Jetsim - a flight simulator experience in Devon.
I've been fascinated about the idea of flying since childhood. I have been lucky enough to have been taught and inspired by two of the worlds most amazing aviators. It is with that privilege in mind that I aspire to share the best in good airmanship.

I love aviation for so many reason, and with help of friends & family, the Jetsim Centre has been established to share that passion with people of all ages, and from different backgrounds.

I look forward to welcoming you on board our Flight Simulator Devon, here in sunny Exeter.


Working with the Rich Goodwin Airshows team in the UAE.

My first solo

My flying started with a private pilots licence at Exeter Airport in 1992, and then in 2004, I resigned from a marketing career to study at Oxford Aviation, two years later qualifying as a commercial airline pilot. After that progressing an ATR 42/72 type rating and then a single engine Flying Instructor - it was teaching others that showed me a whole new level of airmanship.

So, if flying the heavy metal is on your bucket list of things to do, and you're interested in booking a flight, or maybe it's for a present, perhaps someone you know needs help with fear of flying - please do get in touch.


The technical bit...

A 220 degree projection screen ensures a fully immersive experience.  The simulator replicates the real world aircraft, based on the Boeing 737NG 800 - a real Pilots flying machine.  It has fully function FMC's loaded with a global database of airports, nav aids etc. We can enter flight planning, performance and fuel data to reproduce a complete airline flight from gate to gate.  The autopilot and all instruments, switches and gauges operate systems onboard.  Checklists can be used for start procedures, practice failures and emergency scenarios. The simulation can also use real time weather conditions or be programmed from the METAR and TAFF aviation forecasts, we have some pre-set scenarios too, such as thunderstorms, low cloud to test your instrument scan, sunshine and snow etc.

Approach briefing complete.

Approach briefing complete.

Flap 5 set

Flap 5 set

A professional approach to your procedural practice


If you're a commercial pilot looking to prepare for a sim check, LPC etc, then I'd be delighted to help. Please get in touch to chat through your requirements so we can create a bespoke session(s).  Generic checklists and QRH are provided, but do also bring your own if preferred.


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