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Gift vouchers

Looking for a unique and awesome gift?

Sit back, relax; we’ve got it covered… Birthdays, bucket lists and anniversaries. The Jetsim Centre 737 Airline Pilot flight experience for two people is available as a gift voucher to purchase online here…

Jetsim is a 737NG simulator offering an Airline Pilot experience as well as procedural practice for professional aviators.

 Based in sunny Exeter,  we have over 24,000 world-wide airports to choose from, real time simulated weather, a global database of navigation aids, departures and arrivals, (knows as SIDS and STARS). 

The flight is yours to run as you please, and no previous flying experience is necessary either - I will help you with the effects of controls.  You can fly airline routes in real time, practice take offs, landings, or even take a virtual visit to Mount Everest at 29,029ft. For the more advanced pilot in you test tricky approach procedures at places such as Innsbruck and Kai Tak or handle Heathrow.  Book your flight online.


Airline pilot experience

You’ll discover about the word of operating this aircraft as an Airline Pilot. You’ll get to fly the aircraft simulator from take off to landing. The flight experiences are designed for you to be the Pilot - with a little help from your Instructor.  The sessions start with a pre-flight briefing, an introduction to the how you fly a plane and basic aircraft systems, but if you'd like to know more - just ask.

 Practice take-offs, landings, pop in to Paphos, try an instrument approach at Innsbruck, or take a look at Mount Everest from 29,029ft.

gift vouchers

It can be a challenge to find that original present, and awesome gift.  JetsimCentre vouchers also make an ideal present for the aviation enthusiast in your life. 

We have a few options available depending on your budget.  Buy a for a 1 hr flight deck pilot experience for two people at the for £139 Click here to purchase

Fear of flying

With winter holiday season here, if you, or someone you know are worried about flying it can be debilitating.

Often people would love to book a holiday and can’t because of this fear.  It stops others from enjoying their holiday to the full.  These feelings are very real, but with a little understanding about what’s going on during the flight, these fears and feelings can be reduced and in most cases relieved all together. Book our SALE price of £249 here

We offer a bespoke Fear of Flying package that may just help